Mutiara Harapan Islamic School teachers and staff consist of professional and dedicated people. They are lively, energetic and totally devoted to their jobs.

During its selection process, we selected the best candidates to work with us, based on a certain academic, psychological and management requirements to support our vision and mission stated. Here they work, experienced and learn together as a team, a teacher also a learner.

We also provide regular training for teachers to develop and support their performance in class. Those training not only cover their academic needs but also many other things.

Teachers and staff also trained to step up their wider knowledge beside their responsibility to record and report students’ development to the stakeholders as a part of controlling successful organization.

  • Director, H. Reynalda Madjid, M.Si.
  • Vice Director, Rollando Madjid, B.Comm., M.IB
  • Head of Administration and Business Department, Dra. Hj. Ita Emilia
  • Head of Learning Support Center, Indiarti, S.Pd.
  • Head of Research and Development, Maftuchah Sari, S.T
  • Secondary Principal, Dea Kania, S. Pd
  • Primary Principal, Jamaludin, S.Pd.I
  • Playgroup & Kindergarten Principal, Nukiandari Pervitasari, S.Pd.
  • Head of Development Class, Indiarti, S.Pd.